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The Power of Presence: 3 Ways to Support a Friend or Loved One with Traumatic Grief

This webinar examines why it may be difficult to express appropriate sentiments to someone who is grieving, and why our responses are often inadequate. The webinar also focuses on….

  • The support needs of individuals who are grieving a traumatic loss.
  • Common reasons why talking about death and loss with family and friends is challenging.
  • Unhelpful actions to avoid.
  • Specific ways to support someone who is grieving a traumatic loss.

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Watching a friend or loved one grieve the death of someone they love is heartbreaking. Often we feel helpless by our inability to ease their pain and unsure of what to say or do. This webinar addresses why individuals grieving a traumatic loss have different needs and how to support those you love during this difficult time.

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