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3 Tips for Thriving After Trauma & Loss Collide

Welcome to From Grief to Growth.  You have found a place to begin healing from the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one.  The tools and resources here and on my website have been developed to guide you through your trauma, pain, and grief as you continue your life without the physical presence of your loved one.

To start your journey, I invite you to take this free online mini-course, 3 Tips for Thriving After Trauma & Loss CollideThis course provides 4 short videos along with a companion eBook with tips. These videos will provide you with helpful tools you can begin to immediately use to ease the unknown path before you, and will also go over important tools to help you rebuild a sense of normalcy, construct a solid self-care plan, and use pleasant event scheduling to give yourself a break from grieving. There is no obligation to sign-up below.

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When you sign-up for my Free Course:  3 Tips for Thriving After Trauma & Loss Collide, you will immediately be able to download my eBook: Growing Tips: Thriving After Trauma & Loss Collide to read.  The following day you will receive access to the first video and then you will receive an additional 3 emails (over the next three days) with access to each video in the series, four videos in total. 


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About Dr. Jennifer R. Levin

With over 25 years of experience working with many hundreds of people, couples, and families struggling with grief and trauma from the loss of loved ones, Dr. Levin has developed comprehensive online resources readily available and easily accessible to everyone.

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