45 - Coping With Long Term Grief After the Death of a Spouse: An Interview With Leslee Koritzke

In today’s podcast I interview Leslee Koritzke, who has been my best friend for over 15 years. Leslee shares with us what happened when her husband suddenly died over 14 years ago after playing basketball. We talk about what it was like for her to raise two young children and how she coped with the unexpected legal and financial stressors after his death. She also describes how her involvement in widow groups, fitness, and pottery helped her develop a long-term relationship with grief. Leslee reflects on what it has been like to watch her children grow, achieve important milestones without their father, and whether she thought her life would take it’s current shape.

It was a unique experience to interview Leslee, and I have been blessed to be part of her story long before Bob’s death.

Key Points:

Leslee discusses how she used her sense of humor to help get her through the hard times, while remaining true and authenic to feeling her emotions.

Like many who become single parents overnight, Leslee’s first priority was the needs of her children even though she had the additional stessors of unexpected circumstances that sometimes do not arise until after a loved has died.

Leslee prioritized the health and well-being of her kids and was committed to keeping family traditions and Bob’s memory alive. Her creativity, love for adventure, and continued love for her husband has been a continued theme throughout her life and contributed to her ability to move towards healing.

If you would like to reach out to Leslee, or if you are interested in learning more about her, please join our Facebook group - Talking about the podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin.


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