44 - The Impact and Strain of Sudden Death and Retirement: An Interview With Dan Baker

In today’s podcast I talk with Dan Baker, whose wife suddenly died on the day he retired from his career in law enforcement. As with all of my podcast participants, Dan’s experiences were powerful and unique. Having an extensive background in law enforcement, Dan provides us with valuable insight about what happens during the investigative process. He also invites us into to the difficult thoughts and emotions that he struggled with and continues to revisit three years after his wife’s death. I am so grateful he shared his perspective on the ins and outs of spousal grief support groups and the lasting relationships that can develop. The love Dan continues to have for his wife Cathy remains present and palpable.

Key Points:

During our interview we explore Dan’s struggle to cope with two major life stressors; the death of a spouse and retirement at the same time, and the impact it had on his identity.

We examine what it was like for Dan to live with the unanswered questions and uncertainty after his wife died.

Dan shares the experiences he had participating in a spousal grief group to help him cope and process his wife’s death and how he developed strong bonds and intimate friendships with a subgroup of members that he now considers to be part of his family.

If you would like to reach out to Dan, please join our Facebook group – Talking About the Podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin.


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