32 - Presence Within Absence – a Conversation Between Jennifer Levin and Rebecca Crichton

Hi everyone and welcome to Untethered: Healing the pain from a sudden death. I am Dr. Jennifer Levin, and I specialize in traumatic death and helping individuals through the struggles, pain, trauma, and chaos of an unexpected death.  

In today’s podcast I am sharing a short presentation I delivered earlier in this year, followed by an interview with Rebecca Crichton who is Executive Director of the Northwest Center for Creative Aging. This event was part of their Seattle Town Hall Series, Discussing the Undiscussables and the topic of my presentation and today’s podcast is Presence within Absence which is the ability to feel, connect, or communicate with your loved ones who have died as if they were still present. I also address how and why sudden and unexpected death is different from an expected or anticipated death and the concept of post traumatic growth. 

When clients are ready or open, I introduce the concepts of presence within absence or continued bonds with loved ones who are no longer living into our therapeutic work. I have witnessed the impact this type of communication, relationship, or bond can have on healing and how integrating the essence of a loved one can help someone stabilize and move forward. If you would like more information after today’s episode, please visit our Facebook group, Talking about the podcast with Dr. Levin. You will also find a link to the video from this presentation which includes audience questions and answers, the reference to Dr. Rynerson’s book that I referred during the presentation, and a link to the Northwest Center for Creative Aging.

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