30 - When the Trauma Impacts Grief After the Sudden Death of a Child: an Interview With Therapist and Author Randie Clark

When The Trauma Impacts Grief After The Sudden Death Of A Child:  An Interview With Therapist And Author Randie Clark

In today’s podcast I interview therapist and author Randie Clark. Randie is a therapist in Washington State who specializes in traumatic grief and specializes in helping people who have experienced the death of a child of any age. She co-authored the book When Your Child Dies: Tools for Mending Parents’ Broken Hearts, after her adult son David was murdered in his early twenties. She also helped establish several traumatic grief support groups into hospital bereavement programs.

During our podcast interview, Randie shares the story of her son’s death, her early grief experiences, and how she coped. She also talks about the impact his death had on her decisions to pursue a career in trauma therapy.  We explore the different parts of her book and the future plans for revisions. Finally, Randie talks about some of the biggest challenges that parents face after an unexpected death of a child, and she provides guidance for getting some of these needs met.


Key Points:

Randie is extremely passionate and dedicated in easing the pain for individuals living with traumatic grief, especially other parents who have also experienced the sudden death of a child.  She feels that helping others and connection are one of the best ways to cope and heal from traumatic grief.

I appreciated the authenticity that Randie shared when talking about her own experience about her son David’s death.  She is now able to remember him without pain, and to use her words, “she has incorporated him into the fabric of her life”. However, she acknowledged that the sadness and ache has also become a forever part of her.

Randie’s book was such an accomplishment. First, it was a healing experience for her and, second, it was and still is a compilation of education about trauma and grief, resources, and coping mechanisms specific to parents or adults who have experienced a sudden death of a child at any age. 

Randie addressed so many of the challenges specific to parents, especially those related to identity, meaning making, and guilt or blame.


Thank you so much for joining today’s episode of Untethered: Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death.   

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