26 - Natural Disasters and Sudden Death: an Interview With Kim Cantin – Part 2

Today’s podcast interview is the second part of my interview with author Kim Cantin, who wrote the book Where Yellow Flowers Bloom: A True Story of Hope Through Unimaginable Loss which was released Friday, April 9th 2023. Kim’s memoir is a heartfelt testament of her love as a mother and her devotion as a wife in the midst of sudden loss and trauma, with an enlightened perspective on mortality. Through her patience, perseverance, and willingness to be open to help and to heal, she confirms love’s ability to connect and transcend beyond life.
Key points:

Even though it has been five years, Kim still experiences deep pain related to her losses and her grief also becomes triggered at unexpected times.

Kim helps us normalize the long-term experience of grief. We know that the pain and sadness associated with the sudden and unexpected death of loved ones never goes away. She is now able to honor her grief feelings whenever these emotions surface and she allows herself to experience the feelings and process her emotions until they soften.

Sudden and unexpected death changes us at the very core. Kim shares that grief increased her ability to be empathetic and vulnerable with others. She noticed that she was more present in the world, more open to growth and evolving as a person.

Grief also makes us acknowledge realities in the world or in ourselves that can be quite painful. Kim shares that during her grieving process she had to acknowledge that she was not always in control and not always going to get her way, which is something that a lot of people struggling with grief are challenged with. Kim recognizes that she is now able to “trust the process more”.

To move towards healing Kim describes how she opened herself to new experiences throughout her grief process whether it was new types of therapy, new ways to find her son Jack, or advice from people with different skills including spiritual advisors and intuitives.

Kim shares that the best way she can honor her husband and son is to live her best life possible. She has done this by writing a beautiful book about grief, healing, and hope – Where Yellow Flower Bloom: A True Story of Hope Through Unimaginable Loss

If you want an opportunity to connect with Kim, please join our Facebook group “Talking about the Podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin.” Kim’s biography is posted along with her contact information if you would like to connect with her.

Our next podcast will be on May 10th and will feature psychiatrist Dr. Mariel Tourani who discusses how medication can help after a sudden and unexpected death.

Thank you so much for joining today’s episode of Untethered Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death. If you are interested in healing experience after a sudden or unexpected death, I invite you to go my sister website https://therapyheals.com/whidbey-island-grief-retreat to learn about our upcoming grief retreat on Whidbey Island in WA August 5-8th 2023 this summer. Kim Cantin, gave me permission to share that she is going to be a participant at this retreat, we still have a few spaces left and the early bird registration deadline is Sunday April 30th.


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