25 - Two Lives Lost After the Montecito Mudslides: an Interview With Kim Cantin – Part 1

 Today’s podcast interview is the first of a two-part interview with Kim Cantin, author of the brand-new book, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom:  A True Story of Hope Through Unimaginable Loss. Kim’s book describes the tragic story of what happened to her family during the mudslides in Montecito, CA in 2018 after the Thomas Fires. In the early morning of January 10, Kim, along with her husband, son, and daughter, were in the midst of trying to evacuate their home when her family was torn apart.  In her interview, Kim shares her grief experiences after the death of her husband and son from the devastating mudslides and the ways she was able to cope with her traumatic grief.

In addition to the overwhelming trauma and grief she experienced, the non-death losses were also immense; Kim lost all of her family’s belongings in the mudslides including photos, clothing, and other keepsakes.  These items are extremely important in providing safety, comfort and connection in grief and stabilization needed to heal from trauma, forcing Kim to completely start over.

Key points: 

Kim talks about how she trusted the process and let people in to help her along the way.  Something that many people struggling with grief often have a hard time doing. 

Kim gave of herself endlessly, yet she could not do it all.  She found it impossible to devote all of her time to search for her son, to focus 100% on the needs of her daughter, to spend every moment grieving her husband and to focus on herself.

Kim found people and the connection to others to be a healing experience and perhaps the most powerful antidote to living with uncertainty.  

If you want an opportunity to connect with Kim, please join our Facebook group “Talking about the Podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin.”  Kim’s biography is posted along with her contact information if you would like to connect with her.  

Our next podcast will be on April 26th, and Kim Cantin will return for the second part of our interview.  In part two Kim shares where she is in her grief 5 years after the mudslides and we explore the concepts of hope, finding happiness and how she plans to honor her husband and son who died in the mudslides.   

Thank you so much for joining today’s episode of Untethered Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death.  For help with a sudden and unexpected loss, sign up for my free mini course, where I will teach you about the 3 Truths About Living With A Sudden and Unexpected Loss.  Please visit www.fromgrieftogrowth.com to sign up.


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