23 - Sudden Death From Alcoholism: An Anonymous Interview

In today’s podcast I interview an anonymous young woman who experienced the death of her partner from alcoholism related causes.   According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention more than 140,000 people died from alcohol related causes each year in 2015 – 2019.  The CDC further estimates that alcoholism can shorten a life by 26 years.  If you live with someone who is addicted to alcohol or any other substance for that matter, you know how difficult the daily life struggle can be, but you are still unprepared for the struggle that accompanies the pain associated with sudden death.  I invite you now to listen to our guest today who shares her sudden experience after her partner suddenly died from alcohol related causes. 

If you want an opportunity to connect with today’s guest, please join our Facebook group “Talking about the Podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin” and post a question or message.  We will get the message to her and facilitate communication.  There will also be resources posted for anyone living with a loved one struggling with alcoholism or needing support.

Our next podcast episode will be on Wednesday March 29th and will also be an anonymous interview with a mother whose son died from COVID.

Thank you so much for joining today’s episode of Untethered Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death.  For help with a sudden and unexpected loss, sign up for my free mini course, where I will teach you about the 3 Truths About Living with A Sudden and Unexpected Loss.  Please visit www.fromgrieftogrowth.com to sign up.


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