21 - Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve an Unexpected Death: An Interview With Riece Morris

In today’s podcast I interview Riece Morris who shares with us the story of her mother who unexpectedly died from medical causes related to alcoholism.  Riece, the mother of 5 children who works as a certified life coach and Equus coach, firmly believes that life is meant to be LIVED and not merely endured.  She has helped hundreds of women create lives of intention and purpose, release unhelpful patterns and beliefs, and create relationships with themselves that they never thought would be possible.  She works with her clients both online and in person and specializes in helping women set and achieve their goals and she companions them along the way.  Riece lives in Northern California with her husband, children, and animals.

If you want an opportunity to connect with Riece, please join our Facebook group “Talking about the Podcast Untethered with Dr. Levin.”  Riece’s email, bio and website information is posted in the facebook group.

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