14 - Holiday Grief, an Interview with Dr. Jennifer Levin

Today’s podcast is different than my previous podcasts.  In this episode titled Holiday Grief, an Interview with Dr. Jennifer Levin, I am a guest on Corrine Crabtree’s podcast, Losing 100 Pounds with Corrine.


Show Notes from Corrine’s Podcast, An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Levin:

Most of us "should" all over ourselves during the Holiday season...

"I should be happy" "My experience should be like what my friends are posting on social media"

This is especially true when it comes to grieving.

Whether your loved one died 2 weeks ago or 10 years ago, the holidays can be so hard.

When you overeat or drink through the pain, the pain relief doesn't last long. But chances are, nobody has taught you an alternative way to work through grief.

That's why I interviewed Jennifer Levin, a traumatic grief expert, on today's podcast. She's sharing 4 tips for growing through grief during the holidays.


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of Untethered: Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death.  For help with a sudden and unexpected loss, sign up for my free mini course, where I will teach you about the 3 Truths About Living with A Sudden and Unexpected Loss.  Please visit www.fromgrieftogrowth.com to sign up.


P.S.  Learn more about Corrine Crabtree at www.phit-n-phat.com.


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