From Grief to Growth

11 - Thoughts on Sudden Death from a Psychiatrist: A Conversation with Dr. Ted Rynearson

In my interview with Dr. Rynearson we learned about his personal history with sudden death and the diverse projects and activities that he has conducted to advance knowledge and treatment for individuals who he describes as having experienced a “violent death”.  Dr. Rynearson described some of his major accomplishments as a physiatrist and researcher, how his personal experience with sudden death changed him as a clinician.  He concludes with advice for listeners who are living in the aftermath of a sudden loss.


My next podcast will be on Wednesday, October 26th and I will be talking with Dolores Cruz who is going to share her story with us.  Dolores’s son Eric died over 5 years ago in a car accident.  Dolores has worked hard in her grief and is now a vital part of the healing experience for many people parents who are grieving the death of a child.  I hope you join can us. 


Thank you so much for joining today’s episode of Untethered Healing the Pain After a Sudden Death.  For help with a sudden and unexpected loss, sign up for my free mini course, where I will teach you about the 3 Truths About Living With A Sudden and Unexpected Loss.  Please visit to sign up.


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