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Three Reasons Why All Grief During COVID-19 is Traumatic: New Strategies for Healing


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This webinar will focus on traumatic grief, a type of grief usually experienced by individuals who have had a loved one die in a sudden, unexpected manner.  The grieving experience is often different after a traumatic loss, and survivors are at increased risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and complicated grief.


During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, the majority of all deaths can be considered traumatic.   Despite the cause of death, many rites of the dying and rituals which often provide comfort at the end of life are no longer available, and their absence will impact the grieving process.  


We explore the three reasons why all death occurring during this unique time can be considered traumatic. We will focus on what happens when we do not have the ability...


To say goodbye


To engage in rituals of mourning


To be fully supported by family and friends during this time

We will also focus on how to create new strategies for healing and ways to navigate the grief journey during COVID-19.  The webinar will conclude with free grief services available for those who have lost a loved one in these unusual times.

About Dr. Jennifer Levin...

Dr. Jennifer Levin is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFC 93269) specializing in health crises, traumatic grief, loss, and growth after trauma.

Dr. Levin is also a Recognized Fellow of Thanatology: The study of death, dying, and bereavement.

With over 25 years in the field of grief and bereavement, Dr. Levin maintains a private practice in Pasadena, CA (Therapy Heals, Inc.) and facilitates adult and teen weekly grief groups. In addition, she is a public speaker, consultant, educator, and expert on topics including individual and family grief, how to cope and live with a terminal illness, traumatic grief and post traumatic growth.  Dr. Levin is also in the process of launching San Gabriel Valley Grief Resource and Training Center, a nonprofit organization to train mental health professionals to provide grief services and offer low fee grief counseling to the community.